They say something good always comes out of something difficult. This is the story of the beautiful journey that brought VanArc to our doorsteps. Saiba Ismail is the vibrant, young  and dynamic founder of VanArc and its parent company, Vanah founded in 2017.

She received her calling at a very young age and out of circumstances where she saw most of her friends undergo the pressures of stress, insomnia, concentration, anxiety and depression etc.

In the strong urge to find natural remedies her research helped her understand how people in the ancient times dealt with these issues.

She came up with an idea to incorporate ancient natural rituals in the daily use products, skincare.

Though Vanah is Saiba’s brainchild her mother, Mrs. Nafeesa Ismail, has played an important role in shaping the direction of this brand.


Mrs. Nafeesa runs an NGO with the name Marg Foundation started in 2006 that shelters women and children who have been victims of abuse.

Marg foundation gave a lot of skill development programs to these women to empower them and to help them create livelihoods. Skill building was happening but marketing and financing was tough for these women.

This was  the stage when Nafeesa Ismail and Saiba Ismail came up with a social entrepreneurship initiative by manufacturing exotic and natural skin care products that had the benefits of beauty and wellness. Saiba and her cross functional team of exports have carefully planned, researched and collaborated with numerous professional experts to create the perfect natural , chemical free, cruelty free and dermatologically tested assortment of premium products.



This initiative created sustainable livelihoods for these women and their dream came true for the foundation and VanArc organic rituals was born, some of the VanArcs products made with ancient formulas are already creating a buzz in international markets like London, France, Durban, Australia , Oman etc.

VanArc believes in giving back to the community, all of VanArcs raw materials are sourced directly to local farmers to support fair trade practice and through FPO’s. Farmers are VanArcs ardent suppliers and hence a part of the VanArc family.