Tomato Seed Oil - Nature’s Love in a bottle

Tomato is one of the most loved and consumed vegetables. It is freshly used in salads or made into sauces, soups, and dishes. Not only it has health benefits but also inculcates a variety of beauty benefits. 

Have you heard of Tomato Seed Oil? It is unknown to people but is the ultimate natural oil for your skin and hair. It is extracted from the freshly grown tomatoes. The seed oil is high in active ingredients, minerals, and fatty acids which serve as a real treasure for maintaining beautiful skin and youthful appearance. 

The oil stands out of the crowd with a deep orange hue and a fantastic bold aroma. It has a tangy scent and can be enjoyed as skin oil (massage oil), hair oil, and nails as well. 

Here are some of the tomato seed oil benefits:

1. Fresh and Rosy Skin

One of the benefits of tomato seed oil for skin is its ability to make skin fresh, brighter, and rosy. It is because it is enriched with carotenoids, phytosterols, and antioxidants. It is also augmented with the goodness of linoleic acid that makes the high-quality sebum, light and non-greasy, so it doesn’t clog the skin pores and makes you feel sticky all day. Get glowy skin instead!

2. Best for Mature Skin

The tomato seed oil does all the wonders because it is loaded with antioxidant properties. It contains vitamin E and also carotenoids that are powerful enough to deflect the free radicals. It helps your skin to look young, radiant, and keeps premature aging at bay. The application of the oil on your face makes the wrinkling skin smooth and vanishes the fine lines and age spots. 

3. Repairs Sun Damaged Skin

Tomatoes are also good enough to reduce your suntan and make skin bright and glowing which was earlier dulled down by the sun. Lightly apply the tomato seed oil benefits for skin on sun-damaged skin or skin that looks dull and aged to repair it! You can apply it underneath your makeup or at night time before bed.

4. Reduces Stretch Marks

Tomato seed oil for skin helps in reducing the stretch marks when applied consistently. Applying the oil twice a day helps in fading the stretch marks away. 

5. For Dry and Cracked Skin

Tomato seed oil is good for moisturizing dry cracked skin. It has a semi-thick consistency that nourishes and lubricates dry skin. Its texture is in such a way that it won’t leave your face greasy because it sinks into the skin well!

It is quite the miracle-working oil that any skin type needs to look its best.

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